How to Utilize Your Bronco's Roof Space: A Roof Rack Buying Guide



Hey there, fellow Bronco enthusiast! If you're tired of cramming all your camping gear, fishing rods, or surfboards inside your Bronco, it's time to think about using that awesome roof space.

Sometimes, as your family grows or your hobbies expand, your trusted Bronco may struggle to carry everything you need. Have you ever had to give up skis or tents because you couldn't put them down? Or is your Bronco crammed and uncomfortable to drive? We've all had that experience. Finding enough storage space can be a challenge. Instead of upgrading to a new car, why not retool your gear, invest in some storage management kit, or better yet, add some roof rails, cross bars or racks? Whether you're planning a camping trip, starting a road adventure, or need to transport equipment, having the right roof rack can make your adventure easier. At BROADDICT, we're all about making your Bronco experience top-notch because, well, we’re Bronco fanatics too!

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Understanding Roof Attachments

Definition and Functions

Alright, let’s break it down in simple terms:

Roof Racks: These bad boys are custom-installed across your roof. They’re perfect for heavy-duty stuff and give you loads of versatility. Roof racks, by comparison, act as a carrier for your goods. They come as a set of crossbars or roof bars and often a platform or rack of some description. This platform can be a cargo box, a kayak rack, or even a modular rack system. The cross roof bars mount to the existing roof rails found on the vehicle.

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Roof Rack Cross Bars: Mounted across the roof, they support various cargo and accessories, making them super handy for all sorts of adventures.

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Roof Rack Rails: These usually come with your Bronco and run lengthwise along the roof. They’re good for lighter loads and for attaching extra bars if needed.

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Key Differences

  • Mounting Direction:Roof rails go lengthwise, roof racks and crossbars go across. Easy peasy!
  • Weight Capacity:Roof rails are for lighter stuff. Roof racks are like the bodybuilders of the roof world – they can handle the heavy loads.

Roof Rails

Who Needs Roof Rails?

Roof rails run along the length of your Bronco and are usually factory-installed. They can handle around 50–60kg, so they're great for lighter loads. If your Bronco already has roof rails, adding roof bars and accessories is a piece of cake.

Advantages and Ideal Use Cases

  • Easy to Attach:Perfect for mounting additional bars and light accessories.
  • Light Cargo:Ideal for small camping gear, light luggage, and occasional use.


  • Weekend camping gear.
  • Small luggage for road trips.
  • Lightweight sports gear.
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BROADDICT’s Roof Rack Rails Cross Bars Kit

For those who need reliable and easy-to-install roof rails, BROADDICT has got you covered with our Roof Rack Rails Cross Bars Kit.

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Precise Fit: Perfect for 2021-2023 Ford Bronco 2-Door and 4-Door models (except Badlands 4-door with 2.7L engine and Bronco Raptor model).

Product Accessories: The package includes 2 roof rails, 1 rearmost crossbar, 2 cross bars, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Easy Installation: No drilling or cutting required. All hardware included, and you can find installation videos on YouTube.

Durable Aluminum: Made from high-standard aluminum, resistant to high and low temperatures and corrosion.

Versatility: Great for carrying items like bikes, roof bags, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, tents, and more.

Roof Racks

Who Needs Roof Racks?

Now, if you are the kind of person who likes to take a kayak, a roof tent or a ton of camping equipment to the wild, the Bronco roof rack is your best new friend. These are mounted across the roof and are custom-installed based on what you need. They can handle a lot more weight and are super versatile.

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Advantages and Ideal Use Cases

  • Heavy and Bulky Items:suitable for heavy loads and clumsy objects.
  • Adventurers’ Delight:it is an ideal choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts such as campers, travelers, cyclists and surfers.


  • Hauling kayaks.
  • Carrying tools and building materials.
  • Setting up rooftop tents.
  • Transporting large camping equipment.

BROADDICT’s 4-Door Half Rack (Hard Top)

For those serious about maximizing their Bronco's potential, check out our 4-Door Half Rack (Hard Top).

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Custom-Designed: Specifically tailored for the 4-door Ford Bronco 2021-2024, ensuring a perfect fit.

Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: Can handle up to 330lbs, making it a sturdy companion for all your gear.

Essential for Travel and Exploration: Great for camping, hiking, or road trips, expanding your carrying capacity without compromising space.

Easy Installation: Hassle-free mounting, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Vehicle Style: Adds a touch of ruggedness and sportiness to your Bronco’s look.

BROADDICT’s Roof Platform (With Roof Rail Roof Rack)

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Need something even more versatile? Our Roof Platform (With Roof Rail Roof Rack) is the way to go.

Application: Fits 2021-2024 Ford Bronco with Roof Rail (not for Bronco Sport).

High-Quality Materials: Made of strong, durable, and lightweight powder-coated aluminum, weighing only 54.23 pounds.

Versatile Accessories: Equipped with mounting channels for various modular components.

Meet Various Needs: Perfect for carrying kayaks, bicycles, luggage, and more.

Easy Installation: Simple connection to almost all roof rack for cross bars with high stability. Installation videos available.

Low Wind Noise: Stylish aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance and noise on the road.


To wrap it up, choosing the right Ford Bronco roof rack can seriously boost your Bronco’s functionality. Custom solutions not only make your life easier but also enhance your vehicle’s capabilities. So take the time to assess your needs and consider contacting BROADDICT for a first-class custom roof rack solution. We're here to make sure your Bronco is ready for your next big adventure.

At BROADDICT, we offer high quality roof cross bars and racks designed specifically for Bronco enthusiasts like you. Let us make those road trips, camping adventures and weekend getaways even better!

Happy adventuring, Bronco fans!

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