What's going on? 

Hey there! Our team is growing super fast thanks to all the trust and recommendations from awesome customers like you. We’re thrilled about the surge in orders, but it’s also made things a bit hectic. We’re committed to serving every single one of you, and we appreciate your patience.

Why can't we give an exact ship date? 

We’ve got warehouses all over the US, and we’re shuffling inventory around every day to get your orders out ASAP. But with the high demand and multiple sales channels, it’s tricky to nail down exact shipping dates. We’re working on it and will keep you updated with the best info we have.

When will my order ship? 

Here’s a list of products that are currently delayed and their estimated shipping dates. We’ll keep this list updated as things change. If you have specific questions about your order or need to make changes, just reach out to us at service@broaddict.com.

Affected Products:

SKU Product Name Estimated Delivery Date
C1377 4 Door Interior Rear Cargo Basket Rack July 25, 2024
C1365V01 4 Door Half Rack (Hard Top) July 15, 2024
C1126V03 2X Wall Mount Door Storage Hanger Bracket July 18, 2024
C1150 4x Foot Rests For 4 Door July 20, 2024
C1506 Trail Sight Lights Pending


Thanks for sticking with us through these delays. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!


BROADDICT Customer Service Team

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